i downloaded bitmoji to shade my mom and now i hate them and myself

  1. I knew my mom would love them and I would hate them
  2. I hate them so much
  3. I hated them when everyone was doing them
  4. I hate them even more now
  5. Reminder that this is what I look like
  6. Look at me
  7. Look at my bitmoji
  8. Here's Teenage Mutant No thank you bitmoji
  9. That One Lady From Church Bitmoji
  10. Literal Murder Stalker Bitmoji
  11. Shady AF Bitmoji
  12. Guidance Counselor Bitmoji
  13. Cultural Appropriation Bitmoji Part One
  14. Part Two
  15. Part Three
    The staircase??????????
  16. Part Four
  17. Aggro AF Bitmoji
  18. Dirtbag Bitmoji
  19. Fucking Tumblr Boy Bitmoji
  20. Mom Bitmoji
  21. Other Mom Bitmoji
  22. "I Owe You An Apology But I Can't Communicate Like An Adult So Here's A" Bitmoji
  23. And finally
  24. "This Is Insulting To Me And To Cats" Bitmoji
  25. When would you EVER have the need to send these?????????? PLEASE EXPLAIN
  26. This one makes me VISCERALLY ANGRY
  27. Seriously goodbye Bitmoji
  28. You're canceled