1. Feeling super weird in your alien body
  2. Walkin around the mall while your parents are doin somethin else
    Smell that good Bath and Body works smell above the notes of weird squeaky floor
  3. Never escaping a cloud of Axe funk from da boys
  4. Wishing so hard that you were 16 already
  5. Carrying home swag from bar and bat mitzvah dances and remembering how fun the cha cha slide was
    When they said "cha cha now y'all" and you freestyled you know you killed it
  6. Your parents are starting to look older than you remember them in your head from when you were little but you don't totally realize it yet
  7. Feeling crushes in your heart and your stomach and your cheeks
  8. Watching tv and being so so invested and reading books and reeeeeally feeling like the characters
  9. Feeling like everyone knows less and everyone knows more
  10. Being super zeroed in on who likes who and who is minutely above who in social hierarchy
  11. Squirmy, squicky feelings
  12. Backpacks