1. Tutoring my favorite client tonight
  2. Only one who hasn't ever said something that makes me want to die
  3. We are working on geometry
  4. Carefully going through a study guide
  5. Feeling successful and like I'm helping her understand
  6. She has to draw a triangle carefully for this one?
  7. No prob we got it
  8. Hmm, do you have a ruler so we can make the lines sharp?
  9. "No but I just use this"
  10. She opens her pencil pouch
  11. Pulls out a fucking iPhone
  12. Uses it as a ruler
  13. "Ya it's my moms old one so I use it for this"
  14. Puts it back in the pouch and zips it up
  15. Fuck everything
  16. .
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    I was using my phone as calculator so I could stealthily take a pic without it being obvious don't worry