@aprilkquioh proud of u
  1. Guys remember this list? LISTAPP FIX MY LIFE
  2. When April was moving to LA and she was nervous and didn't know people yet and moved here for a job to go for her dreams?
  3. Last night she took me to the premiere of the show she moved here to work on, Haters Back Off (coming to Netflix on Thursday or something it doesn't matter this list is about April)
  4. She wore this amazing Liberian skirt and a crop top and she looked incredible
  5. She's already worked on a whole nother show since she wrapped this one
  6. She's killing the game and so casual about it
  7. She's an amazing writer and an amazing friend
  8. She's so mean to me and she makes me love it
    She told me my singing voice sounds like Verne Troyer I'm not exaggerating
  9. LA is a hard place to move to and succeed in and April just makes it seem like it's so natural and perfect??
  10. I'm so so so proud of her and proud to be her friend and I cannot wait until she has her own show and I can just follow in her wake and laugh loudest at all her jokes
  11. Love you
  12. Love you so much