Inspired by @vmacies this is a fun oneeee
  1. Matilda
    Into books. Not into injustice. Slightly vindictive towards unfair authority figures. Likes to hang out with other women and has a very 90s aesthetic. Interests: reading, redecorating, chocolate.
  2. Belle
    Most importantly: can sing. French. Has a good dad. A good person who never has underlying mean thoughts. Sticks up for herself. Beautiful. Winds up living in a freaking amazing castle with that library and a prince. Fights against evil people and literal wolves.
  3. Josie from Never Been Kissed
    Working writer. Gains confidence and fashion sense through trying really hard. Endearingly terrible at dancing. Eternally hopeful and a kind friend. Wins academic competitions. Teased a lot in school but ends up finding her beat. Never cool, but always cute and loving. I'M NOT JOSIE GROSSIE ANYMORE.