I LOVE reading these. Everyone has one. Make it as detailed or as opaque as you like. I CANT WAIT TO READ YOURSSSS
  1. I have a whole bunch, but one involves the student activities coordinator being found having a relationship with a girl who was a junior. He left the school abruptly in the middle of the year. Then, she left the school. THEN, someone found a porno she starred in online. IT WAS BIG NEWS.
  2. Mine is horrifying in retrospect. Trigger warning: SA. Dude transferred to our school after he was kicked out of private school for penetrating a drunk girl w/ a trophy and filming it. We thought it was hilarious as garbage teens & he went on to have a promising athletic & romantic career. Also the vice principal's daughter got caught sending n00dz
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  3. Also we had a teacher leave in the middle of the year because he "got a new job" conveniently at an all boys' school and later found out it was bc he kissed a student (no surprise). He also once told a middle schooler she looked "too sexy" in her PJs on a camping trip
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  4. A Spanish teacher was married to the meteorologist on the local news and everyone thought it was SO COOL because she would chaperone our dances and stuff. Then they had a messy divorce and everyone slut shamed her forever, the end
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  5. I'm still in high school, but this year there was a big investigation with the police. They investigated a bunch of kids for drugs (mostly weed) and people were selling out of their lockers. It was all anyone, including teachers, talked about for days.
    There was a lot of talk of how cute the german shepherds were. There was also a subplot of people getting expelled, and there's a kid who transferred to boarding school whose name was thrown around. I'm still not sure of the exact details, but it was biiiig news.
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  6. ALSO two teachers got married and recently divorced because he was found cheating on her with ANOTHER teacher
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  7. @k8mcgarry we had a guidance counselor leave school after being slut shamed bc her son went to a different school that beat our school at hockey HAHA. All the hockey moms rallied around their sons who yelled at our guidance counselor's son that his mom fucked all the students and was a whore until she was so ostracized that she left! My HS is trash
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  8. Mine is tame, but it was scandalous in the 80s.
    My French teacher, Mademoiselle Cox, came back from our two-week Christmas break as Madame Brown. Married, with an obvious baby bump. Which led to all of us going 🤔 and realizing she was WAY more than 2 weeks pregnant and had thus done the deed and been knocked up all year without us noticing! 😂
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  9. Two married gym teachers went on judge Judy after some students broke into their house and found a bunch of sex tapes and toys. They still work there I think!?
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  10. Also this is middle school, but the principal was married to a home ec teacher, but they got divorced and he remarried a social studies teacher and they both kept his last name
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  11. It was my freshman year of high school and I came to school and there was lots of commotion and cops. Apparently one of the teachers (he was old and a lil pervy but we all thought it was harmless) had a shit ton of child porn on both his personal and work computers. It was all over the news for weeks. The we KNEW he was disgustingly pervy.
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  12. Mine was a scandal through our whole town: a student once found a photo of a teacher at a nudist club on a leisure centre's website! They spread it round the school and everyone saw this teacher half naked (a woman was sat in front of him in order to cover his dignity) 😳
    He was suspended and there was this whole debate as to whether to let him back. They did and he still teaches there now.
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  13. This past year, the biology teachers daughter got caught smoking weed on a school field trip. The girl got suspended and the teacher still works at the school. THAT SAME WEEK, a kid at our school murdered his grandmother and him and his girlfriend tried to run away but got caught by using the grandmas old credit card. They are in jail now.
    ALSO, THIS WEEK the baseball coach got fired because he had a mental bipolar breakdown during a game. He's worked at the school for over 30 years, so everyone is kinda freaking out.
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  14. A guy stabbed and killed another student INSIDE THE SCHOOL BUILDING over a girl. This was several years before I went there but I've heard about how for a while everyone had to go through metal detectors to get into the school. It's also why every door that leads into the school is locked except for the main entrance.
    And when I was a sophomore a guy stabbed his girlfriend's thigh in our lunchroom, but apparently she went to the nurse's office, got patched up and went right back to class?
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  15. There was this greasy boy in my year (let's call him Karl Nuku, because that is in fact his name). He sat behind me in English for a whole year, and constantly called me emo. The year after high school, it was in the news that, for drug related reasons, he had beaten a man to death with a hammer, while screaming, "that's for fucking with Caspar!"
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  16. One of my classes required us to film a video, and a girl in my class filmed what she considered to be this arty, black and white film. What it actually was, was her and another girl in our year, having very graphic sex. They both got suspended? I'm not sure, we never saw one of then again.
    My teacher was so upset that we didn't see her for about a fortnight
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  17. Ok this one can't be true but there was a rumour that my science teachers daughter (who went to my high school) got pregnant, and then either miscarried or had a late term abortion, and kept the foetus preserved in a jar on her side table.
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  18. Fellow teacher interrupted two students in the stairwell. It was unclear at first what they were doing because the teacher couldn't say "blow job" or anything else descriptive enough. We finally put the pieces together from "he was exposed" and "she was kissing him" and "he was just standing there."
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  19. Also when I was a senior, a kid who was in my grade (who had dropped out, and most of us thought he fell off the face of the earth) literally torched a bus. By the next day when everyone got to school only a charred shell of the bus remained ! Ahhh, high school.
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  20. This post brought back forgotten memories from high school! When I was a senior there was a rumor going around (which I'm pretty sure was 100% true) that our school's superintendent was found giving blow jobs in a comcast truck parked outside the high school theater. He was (maybe still is) married with a wife & kids. Not superintendent anymore! 😁
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  21. A few years ago, I think I was a sophomore, a kid named Justice tweeted that one of his teachers was a milf. Somehow it was brought to the school's attention and he was suspended. The entire student body lost their minds for about three days.
    According to a bunch of high schoolers, he can tweet whatever he wants because that's what freedom of speech means. They made "#FreeJustice" shirts and signs and they convinced the girl in my class who recited the pledge over the PA every morning to emphasize "justice" when she said "with liberty and JUSTICE for all." All of it accomplished absolutely nothing.
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  22. A few years ago, the leadership teacher at my high school started hooking up with the student council president. He quit/was fired, she graduated, and they are still together and living at her parents house.
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  23. My principal got fired for pointing an air soft gun at a student
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