1. About the third time I got my period, in seventh grade,
  2. I was in a new school and didn't know anybody very well.
  3. All the girls were about to go to gym class, and I realized I didn't have enough feminine plugs to get me through the day.
  4. I asked the girl next to me for a tampon, and then thought about it, and asked for another one, explaining I was "going to run out."
  5. She gave me a weird look and handed over the goods.
  6. Everyone in gym was whispering when I walked in, and I didn't know why.
  7. Later, I found out that she told everyone that I needed two tampons TO PUT IN AT ONCE because I was "going to bleed out."
  8. I was so so so embarrassed.
  9. NOBODY should betray someone who needs a tampon.
  10. NOBODY.
  11. Years later, in a Facebook group for female comedians, someone asked for everyone's best period story for an article.
  12. I told the story and said "go ahead and use my full name; I'm not ashamed!!"
  13. I wasn't ashamed, but also I was the only one who used her full name and I didn't totally know that....
  14. the article was going to be published in VICE. So. 💁🏼
  15. I also got this cool illustration out of it.
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  16. Fuck you Alex Favier.