1. In college, my best friend and I liked the same guy for one quarter of freshman year.
  2. We made up a game to get him to compliment us.
  3. The game is to ask for validashes and head rubs.
  4. Validashes are validations.
  5. Everyone sits down and says nice things to each other.
  6. If one person is particularly sad about something or feeling down in the dumps, they get more validashes and head rubs.
  7. Otherwise, everyone just says nice things to each other.
  8. You don't feel awkward giving compliments, because it's the game!
  9. You don't feel awkward accepting compliments, because it's the game!
  10. When the time is right, someone says, "Good validashes, everyone."
  11. Everyone agrees.
  12. The game is over.
  13. Everyone goes to play Jenga or whatever.
  14. You can also text a friend when you're feeling down and ask for validashes. That entitles you to some pump-ups, no self-deprecating necessary.