Inspired by @chriscady
  1. Dessert World
    Eating more chocolate actually makes you thinner and broccoli is bad for you
  2. Reading Is Cool World
    Celebrities are made and broken by how well they know Anna Karenina
  3. Mermaid World
    Populated only by beautiful, deadly mermaids. You get a disguise to go swim among them. Girls and gnc individuals only
  4. Gothic Romance World
    You are set on an adventure with a handsome/beautiful person with a dark and mysterious past. Features: thunder and lightning, Roman ruins, castles, the moor
  5. A Giant Bowl Of Spaghetti
    Idk seems kinda fun
  6. Summer Camp World
    You are made a child once more, unburdened by puberty, gleeful running through sprinklers, otter pops everywhere, that air conditioning commercial plays all the time, zoog Disney exists
  7. Gilded Age World
    Only go here when you wanna be melancholy in fancy clothes
  8. Celtic World
    Talking trees, human sacrifices, Ireland, storytellers, beautiful and dangerous.
  9. The Library From Lirael World
    Lirael is a Garth Nix novel; the library is full of books but also full of dark and dangerous adventures; located miles underneath the Glacier of the Clayr
  10. Head Bitch High
    You try to be Head Bitch