Inspired by @stevecady and @k8mcgarry . Shit my lists are all too long I take a lot of screenshots sorry. I noted when it's an actual pic from me bc A LOT OF SCREENSHOTS
  1. Holiday card created for us by the talented @brittscott !!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND
  2. My beloved youngest daughter @drugs
  3. And @drugs moonlighting as my Mom's Wine Time Pal
  4. Real waitress, works around the corner from me, one time got my order wrong and is always worried I'm mad at her (I am not)
  5. My actual cart
  6. Not my cats but I love
  7. My actual cat Maggie
  8. I want this sweater from the second hand shop around the corner from me SO BAD
  9. Dorothy Parker, writing what I feel every time I write
  10. Doggo and boyf
  11. Bookstore near me.....???????
  12. John Glenn as a young hottie
  13. College friend got this tattooed. She's amazing and queer and got it to remember the "power of the femme"
  14. I think I saved this from a @brimattia tweet?
  15. Went to Vegas this weekend; Starbucks prices are INSANE and I am mucho lame for taking a pic of them!!!!
  16. My girl gang at a craft fair today sending me a pic as requested bc I cherish them @ltoiaivao @k8mcgarry @drugs
  17. P fun but I am positive this is only in association with the smithsonian bc Harry Reid slipped it into a budget somewhere. It's rinkydink af and I loved it.
  18. At this goofy stop on the way back from Vegas
  19. The drive home