I'm trying to gather you the fuck up. Consider yourselves called out. I found all of these by seeing who liked one person's racist list and going in a chain from there. Took less than five minutes. Considered cropping for names, but remembered these were put out in public on purpose.
  1. I see you
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  2. I see you
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  3. I see you
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  4. I see you
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  5. I see you
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    Both the author and the requester are white or white-passing.
  6. I see you
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    Edit -- I can't tell if this is real or if it's supposed to be satire that makes fun of stereotyping as an idea. If it's the latter, I'm sorry for including you in this list, but also its a tough thing to joke about when you look white. Please clarify @rad_milk!
  7. Get this shit out of my ListApp community.
  8. Edited to add: lol good one dude. I would say maybe just, like, racism.
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  9. Second edit: if you want to read amazing writing tonight related to this by WOC, start with the following:
  10. Favorite Jokes or Lines I Wish I Wrote by @bjnovak
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    I saw this a while ago and have just been sitting on it because I love this app and I love BJ, but I have a serious problem with this even in a joke. I love you BJ, but I can't stand with you on this one. And with everything that's going on I don't think it's fair to be selective with our critiques. It's important to acknowledge that we can still love each other but also acknowledge when something isn't okay. ✌🏻https://li.st/l/1aUXWK48e0nDz1g1XH2RtY
    Suggested by @sarahgorman