1. This is FUCKING ON YOU.
  2. Exit polls show white people voted overwhelmingly for Trump.
  3. Not just white men, not just poor white people.
  4. White women, college educated white people, all white people. All white people.
  5. The majority of white people who voted, voted for Trump.
  6. Static
  7. There will always always always be racists, sexists, xenophobes, both blatant and hidden.
  8. We will not win them over. They are, like the Americans of the Civil War or the Civil Rights Movement, going to need to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the inevitable progressive future.
  9. White liberals DID NOT COME OUT TO VOTE this election.
  10. White liberals allowed the white vote to become a vote for Trump.
  11. Oh, did Hillary not ~inspire~ you enough? Did her 30 years in politics sound like the establishment to you? Did you say she is the lesser of two evils?
  12. Did you perhaps post a long Facebook screed about how your protest vote or your abstention would let "politics as usual" continue?
  13. Did you laugh and think Trump would never be elected so you didn't need to do much to help?
  14. Were you sad about perfect Bernie not being your nominee so you pouted and didn't do anything to help get Clinton elected?
    This INCLUDES YOU, white people who "held their nose" and voted for Clinton. You're not guiltless here.
  15. Was it uncomfortable for you to talk to your conservative family "back home" because they disagree with you? Did you just hunker down and decide to agree to disagree and just depend on winning instead of doing a fucking thing?
  16. FUCK YOU.
  17. You're the reason the white vote went to Trump. It didn't have to. Your apathy, entitlement, privilege, and cowardice let it.
  18. If more white liberals had voted, we would not have President Trump.
  19. Static
  20. This is why we lost. This is why we lost. This is why we lost.
  21. The world is different. The world is the same.
  22. Get off your fucking ass and do something. Now. Today.
  23. Now.