1. 👥
    "Hey...Wow!... I never do this but I saw your pic and had to message you....Your gorgeous!"
  2. 👣
    Two people were fucking on a beach but only one set of footprints, etc etc, God was carrying them
  3. 🐾
    Same but with dogs
  4. 🐽
    Supposed to be a pig snout, I think? Just no good way for this to be a double entendre.
  5. 🌊
    Hiroshige prints are not sexy; they are serious art
  6. 🚊🚉🚝🚋🚂🚞🚈🚇🚆🚅
    All of these repetitive transportation emojis are bullshit.
  7. 🏂
    No sports emojis. Don't make me think about sports.
  8. 💻
    Desktop computers are not sexy
  9. 🕥
    If you make a "sexy time" joke I swear to God