wut @k8mcgarry & me will do this summer wen she gets here and we regress 2 being 90s Kidz ✌🏽

~~~trash queens~~~ @k8mcgarry
  1. Fill up the inflatable pool I bought at Costco and lounge in tankinis
  2. Watch Zoog Disney
  3. Play with Flutterbye Fairy Barbie until she breaks
  4. Shop at Limited Too
    Smell some Bath and Body Works perfumes, look at some dEliA's catalogues
  5. Eat Eggo waffles as snacks and otter pops
  6. Play the pretend games I made up when I was young and the ones Kate made up too
    Mine were: Pirate Ship, where we used the playhouse as a ship and were a band of female pirates constantly outsmarting the men of the law and the big seas, and Fairy Princess, which I played when boys came over. The game was to call me a fairy princess and whoever thought of the best compliment won.
  7. Make a reading tent from blankets and read Mary Kate and Ashley Olson novelettes
  8. Skip-It
  9. Have a land-line
  10. Watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Whose Line Is It Anyway, and Boy Meets World on the TGIF block on Friday night
  11. Talk about boys while working on merits towards Girl Scout badges
  12. Argue about 'NSYNC and Backstreet Boys
    But really love 98 degrees
  13. Shop for school supplies