Inspired by @Nicholas. I am picky, but I really like food.
  1. Bagel
    Onion or everything, toasted. One side with horseradish cream cheese, topped with sturgeon. The other, caviar scallion, topped with lox. Thinly sliced onion and capers are a must under the fish (this is also the dream @RussAndDaughters scenario that I eat during Christmas)! Toothbrush and toothpaste are necessary afterwards.
  2. Pizza
    Classic margherita or sausage, mushroom, basil, and plenty of red pepper flakes.
  3. Cocktail
    Kir Royale, Poinsettia during the holidays. For wine: Big Reds, Little Whites, VERY dry bubbles. Port: tawny!
  4. In-N-Out Order
    Animal style cheeseburger (double double on occasion) with chopped chills, and some of my boyfriend's animal style fries with extra spread. Sauce is important.
  5. La Scala Chopped Salad
    Half grilled chicken with garbanzos and double pepperoncinis.
  6. Sandwich
    Should include some sort of chili aioli, but not mayo. There's a big difference.