Some thoughts, to be periodically updated
  1. What's the coveted audience demographic? 18-34 year olds?
    List app user has conquered this demographic among women. Despite the spread of ages and ethnicities we are all somehow dressed the same. I guess thanks, Salvador Perez?
  2. In a moment of weakness: is a book reading really worth this?
    My complimentary New Yorker tote bag has been cutting into my shoulder for the last hour. A large bead of sweat from my under boob just rolled down my stomach. I've forgotten my travel deodorant.
  3. 5 years from now will I reminisce about meeting my best friend in this line?
  4. Tbh, all Justin bieber songs are good
  5. But can a synagogue fit this many people??
    Book reading will be held in what I can only assume is a cavernous synagogue
  6. Does she/he draw audiences like this all around the country?
  7. Once inside the heavily air conditioned, cavernous synagogue, I'm like, whoa.
    Looking forward to @mindy changing my life