Past week interactions via text, email and FaceTime (most recent to least)
  1. A Minnesota-native shooting Cecil the lion
    Admittedly this has not yet happened but I'm sure she feels strongly about it and I'm interested to hear the local perspective. Is she above driving past his dentist office? Is it all local news outlets are talking about? Most likely she does not care but will talk about the guy's rich, white entitlement and relate the story to a larger problem. Or perhaps she will express disgust and leave it at that. I love my mom.
  2. Plane ticket to DC after visiting home end of August
    My mom is very big on finding the best plane deals and exclusively handles my travel accommodations
  3. Dying her hair blonde ombré
    Born brown, dyed red, now expressing midlife crisis? She has been gradually dying it and the changes have gone largely unnoticed
  4. Finding my brother housing for the fall
    My parents newfound nonchalance on this matter is alarming. They're passively watching as Sam flounders through life and I don't know how much more I can take
  5. Sharing my New Yorker/Wired online subscription with my family
    Because I'm a grown-ass generous adult baller
  6. Running into my former garden center boss, Van
    She tells me of these encounters frequently. I'm positive he does not remember me.
  7. A bad day at my internship
    She laughed and cried in all the right parts.
  8. Being late to FaceTime because the hearing about a local Hmong charter school was running long
    My mom is a very inspirational, dedicated public servant that is currently a city council member (after years serving on the school board) and agreed to FaceTime with me after a bad day even though the meeting ended very late.