GOALS for fall 2015 semester. Shoot for the moon, land among the stars.
  1. Acquire mentor(s)
    Seeking out two seasoned professionals that enjoy the sound of their own voice and appreciate my eccentricities. One with journalism/documentary background, the other with experience in ~the industry~. Will meet with them first to see if we vibe but by the second date will pop the question.
  2. Publish political satire
    All things Trump I guess?
  3. Start radio show
    Where I explain to my roommate who the kardashians are and what I'm learning cultural appropriation is and she rants about Naomi Klein. Should be good (insufferable). Also we'll play some bad music.
  4. Take risks
  5. Maintain friendships
  6. Be more friendly
  7. Be happy
  8. Eat less dairy