Some thoughts
  1. What are culture norms related to changing music at parties?
  2. Can I find my spotify playlist on this stranger's computer?
  3. Spotify got an update and is now unnavigable
  4. Why does my profile say I only listen to one direction
    I thought I hid that better
  5. Fuck I've drawn too much attention to myself whilst attempting to change the music
  6. Throwing caution to the wind -- I'll connect my phone directly to the speaker
  7. Please god, let people respond positively to what is now a v high stakes playlist
  8. First song: my girl
  10. Have I found my chill if I start crying because of public reception
  11. Oh no they love it -- should I be humble?
  12. Fuck it, imma self-promote
  14. Shit now they're twerking
  15. I've made it.
  16. Dreams come true.
  17. Except I can't stop talking about the playlist. Will I kill the vibe?
  18. Michael Jackson's up
  19. HA the vibe's immortal
  20. Long live the vibe
  21. Oh no I'm insufferable but can't stop
  22. Everyone's complimenting me
  23. Requests to follow me on spotify
  24. Remember one direction situation so I lie and say my profile's not public
    Mental note to fix privacy settings
  25. Cool person that only listens to alternative tells me multiple times how good my playlist is
    My heart swells
  26. I'm likely handling myself embarrassingly but people seem into it
    Multiple natty lights talking?
  27. Have to go
  28. Disconnect iPhone
  29. Vibes gone
  30. Someone puts on 1-2 step
  31. The party goes on
  32. I leave, insignificant