I really love vogue in all its zany and idyllic glory
  1. "6 perfect white lace dresses to wear all summer with cult films to match"
  2. When they suggested beyonce's Instagram made me want to buy this $600 teddy bear
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    "Beyonce's #LoveWins Instagram Has Us Reaching for Rainbow Looks All Over Again"
  3. "How to make the Baja pullover [drug rug] chic, not sloppy"
  4. "Can you find true love at the airport"
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    Interesting concept, curious choice to use this photo of 2 year old North West as an example of what grown women should wear to the airport in search of true love
  5. "Why Pixar's latest movie is inspiring us to dress from the Inside Out"
    I just wish there was an explanation for why fear's choice outfit is a unitard