April 18, 2016 and into it
  1. Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival
    Best people watching and one of those fancy premier backgrounds for photo ops. (First of many hopefully!!)
  2. Stefan Sagmeister
    Saw The Happy Film at previously mentioned film fest. Loved it. Loved him. So many design and typography ideas are flitting through my brain while I'm trying to get in finals mode.
  3. Austin
    Bae—this is a constant. Puts up with a lot and took me on a whole foods deli picnic date. Love him.
  4. Ingmar Bergman's Persona
    Watched for class today. So prettttyyyyy.
  5. StrengthsFinder results
    Didn't pay attention to them when I first saw them but looked at them again and they make me love and get myself
  6. New mug
    And nail polish
  7. Ally McBeal
    Made me super anti my Prozac (probably not a good thing). Currently on a more natural approach. Al Green come to me!!!!
  8. Paul Simon
    There's a girl in New York City that calls herself the human trampoline 🎧
  9. Drinking water
  10. Marley
    Thank goodness!!!
  11. This baby picture
    Yes, bebe Soph. Mama is the very best.
  12. The weather!!!!
    Is it all just correlated?
  13. Culottes
    Definitely a correlation.