Who didn't like me back.
  1. Carson
    Hottie of freshman year. Sporty and nice. Liked him like every other girl in my class. He dated two of my friends.
  2. John Ryan
    Carry over crush from junior high. Went on a double date with him and our two mutual friends once. I don't know if he knew it was a double date, pretty sure he didn't. Tried to go ice blocking on the golf course but the conditions were poor. Snuck into the Seascape Resort pool instead. Thought I left my underwear in his car and called his friend to find them, but they weren't there.
  3. Wesley
    My best friend sophomore year. He was a dancer. He flooded me with compliments like no boy ever before. I was in love with him. He was gay.
  4. Nick
    Tall, shy junior boy on the basketball team who drove an old red truck. I left my number on a heart-shaped post-it on his windshield once. He never called, but his friend did and pretended to be him. In college the same friend worked at the coffee shop next to my house. I never knew if he recognized me.
  5. Shawn
    Transferred from Truckee during the last two weeks of junior year. Had pretty blue eyes. Invited him into the library's record room with me at lunch one day. Don't remember what we listened to, do remember we didn't talk the whole 30 minutes or ever again after that.