Weird Shit I Did in High School

How my friends and I battled our small town boredom.
  1. Nocturnal Night Out
    A mockumentary about nocturnal animals filmed at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Two friends and I dressed up as a sheep, a cat, and a deer (none of which are even really nocturnal at all??) and pranced around, creeping tourists out.
  2. The mannequin head stroll
    Walking around downtown blindly, with our hoodies holding mannequin heads on top of our own. Looking like creeps with really long necks and no facial expressions.
  3. Ransom note left at Taco Bell
    Stealing our friends mannequin head, having a photoshoot with it, and proceeding to make a ransom note with the photos explaining we have stolen his prized possession.
  4. Watermelon sacrifices
    Wearing war paint, chanting, smashing a watermelon. This happened three times. Once at a hotel in long beach, once in a forest, once on a cliff.
  5. Human-dog hybrid poster
    Using class time to make a warning flyer about a spotting a human-dog hybrid on campus. Pictures were included and posted in the quad.
  6. Flour fight
    In the Delux Market parking lot.
  7. "Pancaking" cars
    TPing just wasn't original enough. Syrup and powdered sugar it was. Sorry jerks.