Dance moves and the songs that make them absolutely necessary

These moves are sometimes associated with a video or the artist's original moves, but sometimes they're downright physiological i.e YOU CAN'T NOT BUST THIS MOVE (or at least think of it) WHEN YOU HEAR THIS SONG
  1. Funky strutting & Staying Alive (also, in my opinion Superstition by Stevie Wonder)
  2. White girl "yassss I know this one" & A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
    Makin my way downtown.
  3. Aggressive twerking & Crazy in Love
  4. Quick clapping & I'll be there for you (the friends song)
  5. Triumphant sky punch & Don't You (forget about me) from the breakfast club
  6. Head banging & Sk8er Boy
    I know there are more head bang-y songs but I guess I'm not a real head banger...
  7. High energy tip toe dancing & Maniac
  8. Shoulder dusting & Jay-Z's Dirt off your Shoulder
  9. Work in progress. Send suggestions!