Important note: The only people that have ever asked me about my hobbies are men, boys, and one therapist I never saw again. For me and everyone I'm really friends with, "hobbies" are not a thing. But for some reason I still panic when people ask me to name some of mine. That is why I've come up with some believable answers. But the truth is...
  1. I love yoga
    I do yoga once every 3-4 months and I hate it less than other types of exercise.
  2. I'm a wine person
    I definitely prefer it to beer. What's your cheapest white? I'll take that.
  3. I love cooking
    I love watching the food network. And eating foods that have been cooked.
  4. I'm really into traveling
    I would like to travel if I had money to do so.
  5. I ski
    I learned to ski when I was little and now I go skiing once every 4 years or so.
  6. Let's go out dancing! I love dancing
    As long as my song is playing and my feet aren't hurting and I've consumed the exact right amount of alcohol to be approximately 10x more confident and not at all nauseous.
  7. I like to draw
    I got an adult coloring book last Christmas and have almost finished a page.
  8. The Wire is the best show on television
    Real talk: It's a tie between The Wire and Say Yes to the Dress.
  9. One of my favorite things to do is just take a long walk through the city. It's nice to just explore sometimes.
    I hate the subway. If there's a transfer involved, fuck it I'll walk.