Irrefutably extraordinary

Things that surpass all others in their category by a significant margin
  1. Wegmans
    Food quality, variety, scale, organization, prices, customer service. All significantly better at Wegmans than any other super market. It doesn't even compare...
  2. Planet earth
    Stunning and gives you an up close look at parts of the planet you wouldn't have even imagined. What an insane privilege..
  3. Space X
    This company is making rockets that are better and MUCH cheaper than others
  4. In n out burger
    Not only is this food more delicious than other fast food. But also, I used to work in a school and we took a field trip to in n out burger and got a tour of the kitchen and its all real fresh ingredients!
  5. Simone Biles
    No other gymnast can do what she does.
  6. California redwoods
    Consistently make other trees look puny.
  7. Water Bears
    They're the only animal that can survive in space!
    Suggested by   @BrentMWiggins