1. Neil degrasse Tyson
    (comma) ASTROPHYSICIST. Tops the list because Motherfucking Cosmos.
  2. Liz Lemon
    Not just her favorite exclamation. Also what makes her so great
  3. Seth Cohen
    Seth gave our generation a valuable gift: proof that nerds make the best boyfriends.
  4. Mark Zuckerberg
    Can't deny this guy's importance in our lives you guys.
  5. Marco Arturo
    The 12 year old who destroyed myths about vaccines. SLAY, MARCO! This bodes well for future nerd generations.
  6. Bill Nye
    THIS MAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH. Bow tie or die
  7. Carlton
  8. Alan Turing
    British code-cracking nerd. Invented the computer.
  9. Jim Parsons/ Sheldon
    I like this guy. Just classic.
  10. Damien
    The only mean girls character you really want to be friends with.
  11. Bill gates
    The richest and most philanthropic nerd. We've got a lot to thank him for.
  12. Lisa Simpson
    I relate to this girl.
  13. Susan Boyle
    Wowed us with pure talent. Refreshing.
  14. James Franco
    When you start out sexy but then you're secretly a huge nerd.
  15. Steve Erkel
    Did I do that?
  16. Screech
    Honestly not my favorite SBTB character but a very important nerd-figure in 90s pop culture nonetheless
  17. Anthony Michael Hall
  18. Dwight Schrute
    Where my mustard-colored short sleeved button-downs at
  19. Richard Hendricks
    West coast nerd. Pretty sure these guys are building the future as we speak.
  20. Albert Einstein
    Theory of relativity. All around zany guy.
  21. Evan Hanson
    You don't know him yet but this is the main character of a new Broadway show and he is amazing and you should see it. Played by Ben Platt from pitch perfect