1. Turn off all lights when a room is empty.
    They can easily be turned back on upon re-entry.
  2. If possible, wash clothes on the tap water heating setting.
  3. Unplug computer charger when battery is full.
    Energy is still being used even when the computer battery is charged fully.
  4. Turn off faucet when washing dishes.
    A little soap and water goes a long way!
  5. Purchase a reusable water bottle - no more plastic!
  6. Take out the trash only when completely full.
    This reduces the amount of plastic bags used.
  7. Turn off water when shaving. Fill a bowl with water to rinse razor in.
  8. If it's yellow, let it mellow!
  9. Set up a clothes line outside.
    Clothes will dry quickly, especially in the warmer months!
  10. Do not dump water down the drain.
    Instead, use excess water to water plants, put in a pet bowl, or drink it yourself!
  11. Set up a composting system.
    Put all food scraps, except meat and dairy, into a pile outside. Then add to garden.