Best DIY Face Mask

Apparently this is from Katie Holmes' facialist - but I didn't go back to find the article I saw it in so it's now mine.
  1. Equal Parts:
  2. green clay
    I used this, Katie Holmes probably uses something fancier. This mask is good on it's own, but I think I found its true purpose in this DIY version.
  3. turmeric
    otherwise known as the prettiest/messiest spice known to man/ gift from the anti inflammatory gods
  4. ginger powder
    now, I'm not certain this was in the original or if it was what it's supposed to do, but it smells great and I know it's good for you so I'm sure it helped.
  5. Add water a tiny bit at a time to make a paste.
  6. Put the paste on your face.
  7. Leave it for 10 minutes/ if you're lazy like me let it calcify so you can't move your face then begrudgingly get up to wash it off.
  8. Scrub off with water then exfoliate.
    I know, that seems aggressive, but you're going to want to wash your face really well after bc turmeric stains everything yellow and you will look jaundiced.