Things that worked and things that didn't and general musings on this anxious phenomenon
  1. I've been having a hard transition back to school/life in Boston after the best and most fulfilling summer of my life in Chicago
    I'm navigating some friendship struggles and loneliness plus an overwhelming dissatisfaction that the creative work that used to fill me at school so greatly pales in comparison to my intense 10 hour days this summer.
  2. It's brought back some of my anxious/semi depressive tendencies - especially on sundays when I wake up with an empty day and no motivation.
  3. Now- the Sunday Scaries are supposed to be the looming dread of Monday and the work week - I don't have that bc I'm anxiously waiting for the arrival of school and routine and business.
    I want Sunday to end sooner which I suppose is the opposite of most people.
  4. BUT it is still an anxious day and I've found a few things to be restorative (and some to be less so):
  5. Find something you love and makes your body feel good and do it in the morning.
    I missed this opportunity by sleeping through my yoga alarm and I greatly regret it. Starting the day with something that puts a pep in your step - be it a workout, cooking, a walk through the neighborhood - sets you up to move with intention and works against the sluggishness.
  6. Read a book - more pages than you would during the week, an "accomplished" amount of pages.
    I had to do this for homework today (though I know my classmates don't do the reading) and read a good 50 pages and finished A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. This demanded focus (sometimes more focus than my anxious brain could handle) which can stop the mental spiral and leaves you with a tangible accomplishment for the day.
  7. Do laundry and of tidy up
    This may not be helpful for you on which case by all means tune me out. I'm not a person who finds cleaning soothing necessarily, but the act of restoring my space for the week and knowing everything is fresh can make me feel more centered and renewed as well. The act of cleaning may not be my jam but the result, I find, is worth it.
  8. Watch a classic movie
    Definition of classic is loose here - I use it to cover anything from Roman Holiday to Pretty Woman. Something about the nostalgia is very soothing, plus you know it will make you happy as it has for years.
  9. Do some "beauty treatments"
    Bubble bath, face and/hair mask, mani pedi. Self care self care self care.
  10. Make soup from scratch
    This is my new Sunday secret. I hate "meal prep", I hate everything about it. To me if screams bland quinoa and broccoli and I want nothing to do with it. However, on these autumnal sundays I have taken to making a big pot of vegetable filled soup (different recipe each week) to eat throughout the week. One would think "that's even sadder than meal prepping" but to me it's the perfect meal with some crusty bread and the act of making soup from scratch is incredible restorative.
  11. If none of this appeals to you or if everything just seems too hard or not worth it, just get out of the house and take a walk. Seriously.
    I waste so much time and energy lazing around and "getting ready" on sundays putting off going out bc I don't feel like I have anything purposeful to do. It doesn't matter. Just moving with intention and walking about is something. Plus fresh air is good.
  12. Hope this helps someone else! Mostly just leaving this here to remind me to take my own advice.