Current Existential Crises

A fun spin around my headspace!
  1. Why do I love even mediocre Woody Allen movies to the point that they are my ideal background noise when I know how terribly problematic he is and should hold him to a higher standard?
  2. Why do Starbucks baristas named Nick always have a thing for me? Why is this my niche demographic?
  3. Is getting my hormonal iud removed in efforts to fix the insanity it did to my skin worth the return of my period? And can I handle what the majority of women deal with on a month basis after this hormonally induced year of bloodless luxury?
  4. Why can't I commit to Stranger Things? Is there something wrong with me that I just don't get the appeal? Will Winona still adopt me?
  5. Am I a short hair girl or a long hair girl???
  6. How do I put the my endless thoughts into words on a page or more importantly how do I choose the right Moleskine that will convince my I'll put my thoughts into words on its pages?
  7. How do I navigate being a serious introvert with an aggressive need to be liked/socially validated/invited to things?
  8. Which girl from Girls am I?
    (Ok I know the answer to this. I'm a very obvious Shoshanna and its fine.)
  9. Where will I live when I graduate? Toronto? DC? Chicago? New York? Who the fuck knows!?
  10. Why do I insist on buying non-dairy versions of things like ice cream and milk when I'm not vegan/lactose intolerant and definitely eat regular yogurt and cheese? What form of human garbage does this make me?
  11. Will I find love again?
  12. 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪