Fill Your Ears with Lady Voices (or "Here's a List of Podcasts I Like with Women in Them")

I listen to podcasts while getting ready/cleaning/walking/when I used to go to the gym/etc bc I live alone and it feels like some sort of engagement? And I learn about things and laugh and cry. I listen to some dudes, but am WAY more interested in lady voices. Feminist bias, sorry not sorry.
  1. Call Your Girlfriend
    Ann and Amina I love you. Featuring "This Week in Menstruation", sometimes interviews, and a great chill but knowledgable conversational tone. Pop culture, politics, periods, perfection.
  2. She Does
    Interviews with ladies in creative fields talking about their lives and work and art in general. Wide variety of ladies in the arts, always inspiring.
  3. Anna Faris is Unqualified
    Full disclosure: I have only listened to episodes with lady guests (I'm so biased wow) but this show is great. Funny and engaging, I love Anna and wanna be her friend. (Also if you're interested in the Chris Evans/Jenny Slate romance listen to their episode bc their connection is so palpable and I'm so here for them).
  4. Death Sex and Money
    Anna Sale is so wonderful and finds the most interesting, engaging, and often emotional stories. I've cried on the elliptical to this podcast.
  5. Women of the Hour
    Short lived but so good. This podcast brightened my Thursday mornings this fall, great spectrum of guests per topic. I love Lena and how she is always actively seeking out ways to broaden her perspective and be a more engaged and intersectional feminist in the media.
  6. Pardon my French
    I've used Garance Doré's site for fashion inspiration for years, and was so pleasantly surprised by her podcast. Best episode: the one with Zosia Mamet (who I relate to hardcore wow). Pocket episodes also good and cute.
  7. That's So Retrograde
    This is a v niche show that is v in brand for me (think kombucha tequila cocktails, actual astrology, wellness through a millennial lady lens I guess?). I've learned a lot and laughed a lot (recent kombucha episode is 💯).
  8. Modern Love the Podcast
    Again, I mostly listen to the stories read by women, but these are so good. Actors read stories from the Modern Love column and then they check in with the story's original writer. Meghna Chakrabarti is wonderful. Highly recommend Sarah Paulson's episode about open adoption.
  9. Strangers
    Really great stories that go in interesting, wonderful, engaging directions. Lea Thau is also just really really cool and her voice is beautiful.
  10. Mystery Show
    I listened to this after it was recommended on a million podcasts and LOVED it. Starlee Kine is everything you want in a podcaster: witty, curious, real, and feels like a friend. I've heard people don't like that this show bc "the mysteries could be solved a lot faster just use the Internet" but it's so much more than that.
  11. Stuff Mom Never Told You
    Educate yourself about feminist topics! Different topics each show/themes each week ranging from cool ladies in history to juice cleanses to free the nipple to the history of prostitution. Great for cleaning/the gym.
  12. I'm missing a TON so please suggest!