Lip Product Squad Goals

I don't leave my house without at least 3 if not all of these. Lip color/texture/intensity is v important to maintaining one's aesthetic [read: I'm an indecisive narcissist]. These babies, however, are all you need (she says as she buys more).
  1. Lipstick Queen: Frog Prince
    Magic, I tell you. Fairytale magic. Not green, it matches your body chemistry/heat/something sciencey and witchy to make that perfect pink post-orgasm shade. Holy grail.
  2. Bobbi Brown: creamy matte lip color in Heart
    True red matte. French girl red. VERY pigmented. Makes me feel like an artist.
  3. Rosebud Salve
    Classic. Magical moisture. Though I do prefer the Strawberry one.
  4. Kat Von D: Studded Kiss in Lolita
    Might have fallen in love with it bc of the name, but honestly so classic. V popular. Subtle matte nude/neutral for when you wanna look classy and like you care but also a '90s cover girl.
  5. Taste: LipSurgence Matte lip tint in Tempted
    I love these Tarte lip crayons. The Red is MAGNIFICENT and I'm heartbroken that I can't find mine and this is reminding me to just buy a new one. Tempted, however, is a lovely plummy wine that looks v bitten when smudged in but witchy and baroque when applied fully. Incredibly versatile.
  6. Too Cool for School: Dinoplatz lip balm in Spilled Wine
    My newest love. Like sucking/rubbing a cherry lollipop on your lips (plus moisture). The texture is unlike anything I've tried (Korean beauty is no joke). I may have tried it for the packaging (DINOSAURS), but definitely bought it bc it makes me feel like sexy jail bait and that is very on brand.