My Twenty-Sixteen Favorites

Inspired by @brimattia - This list is v blue/green somehow idk but I dig it.
  1. Film: The Lobster
    I walked out of the theatre and said "that was probably the best movie I've ever seen." I'm obsessed. However, La La Land really broke me and I'm still waiting to see Jackie, 20th Century Women, Nocturnal Animals, etc etc etc
  2. Book: The Neapolitan Novels - Elena Ferrante
    I understand I was behind on this but it changed me. Ferrante is one of those writers who writes her soul, however ugly or beautiful. Female gaze and friendship and anger and sex and intellect and everything. She writes what it is to be a woman and I'm obsessed.
  3. Album: The Color in Anything - James Blake
    My heart, my body, my being was shook by this.
  4. Soundtrack: La La Land
    For "Audiotion (Fools Who Dream)" alone. So stunning and hit way too close to home and now I'm crying.
  5. Song: It Almost Makes Me Wish for Rain - Lucius
    Throwback '80s-ish girl pop. If this doesn't have you dancing in your underwear with a bottle of wine/tequila idk what will.
  6. Music Video: all of Lemonade
    Is this cheating? Sorry I don't care.
  7. Television Show: The Affair
    Give me moral ambiguity and the female gaze or give me death. Binged the first 2 seasons during my wisdom tooth recovery in January and am watching season 3 now - so full circle 2016 obsession.
  8. Streaming Series: Transparent
    I love unsympathetic characters and Kathryn Hahn (which is why I Love Dick will be my answer to this question as soon as it airs)
  9. Podcast: Off Camera with Sam Jones
    I've recently begun constantly listening to actor interviews as atmosphere and inspiration and this is probably my favourite. Great guest line up, intelligent and fun questions.
  10. App: VSCO cam
    Idk I don't really use apps other than social networks...
  11. Person(s): Rebecca Traister
    For her endlessly stellar coverage of Hillary/the election. I think I almost exclusively shared her work. Brilliant woman.
  12. Because I still feel most of this but have also found a person I can talk and share and feel these feelings with and it's really comforting.
  13. Bc I'm endlessly thankful for @zoe's words and brain and existence