1. All I ate today was two bowls of soup
  2. I craved something simple
  3. With visible realness and cleanliness
  4. Tangible nostalgic nutrition
  5. Bonus: soup is low in calories
  6. Broth and vegetables and lentils
  7. Allow me to remain palatable
  8. But what I really wanted
  9. Was the warmth inside me
  10. The tender feeling of comfort
  11. A sense that life could be safe as soup
  12. Because today was not
  13. Today was grey and cold
  14. Today everything felt difficult
  15. I sat on the floor of my shower
  16. Today the world seemed impossible
  17. But one thing I could do
  18. Was shakily life a spoon
  19. And slowly fill myself
  20. With peasant fuel
  21. With warmth
  22. With strength to wake up tomorrow
  23. And throw off this weakness
  24. Throw off this palatability
  25. Throw off impossibility
  26. And face the day
  27. Face the world