Sunday Soups!

Most Sunday evenings I make soup and catch up on TV (usually SNL). Here's what I'm making this year!
  1. January 22nd: Persian New Year's (no) Noodle Soup (Food52):
    My mom made this with the pasta and without the lentils while I was home and it was good, but for a hearty week long meal I opted to add the lentils back in and ditch the linguini. This is delicious and simple and feels really clean but hearty, plus the broth is perfectly spiced.
  2. January 29th: Wilted Greens and (No) Potato Soup (In My Bowl) :
    Very loose adaptation of this recipe from In My Bowl to use up the fresh dill I had from last week. Not a big potato or green bean fan, so I didn't use those and added green lentils and peas instead. The abundance of greenery is refreshing and I adore broccoli rabe so this works for me. UPDATE: didn't do as well later in the week and is a little bland. Still tasty though.
  3. February 5th: Hummingbird High's Lemony Yellow Lentil Soup (from Food52):
    I used Red lentils bc I couldn't find yellow, and am way too lazy to fry shallots every night and no creme fraiche bc trying to limit dairy BUT this is really delicious and so easy. (Update: just finished my first giant bowl and wow wow wow this is yummy) (UPDATE part 2: definitely gets denser/mushier throughout the week, got bored of it by Friday)
  4. February 12th: Tomato Farro Minestrone (In My Bowl):
    WOW I thought I had a go to minestrone before but wow this is so tasty. The farro is a really lovely twist. Hearty. (This got pretty boring as the week went on and actually turned me off soup for awhile but the first couple nights were SO good)
  5. February 12th-March 12th: sad/love filled hiatus plus vegan fried rice (Minimalist Baker)
    Needed a break from soup which led to me getting off track and eating dumplings from Whole Foods every night. Started baking instead of cooking. BUT: I know it's not soup but this fried rice is DELICIOUS. Seriously. Add some avocado and sriracha and wow.
  6. March 12th: Beans and Greens Soup (Food52)
    I used Red chard and cannellini beans. It's a little vinegary (might be that my wine vinegar isn't super fancy) but nice. I've been eating like crap recently (see: lack of updates, previous item, being in love makes me make baked goods and crave sugar?) so I wanted something clear and green and nutritious and this fit the bill.
  7. March 26th: The Instant Cozy Lentils and Greens Soup (The First Mess)
    Was in New York all last week, so coming home to a routine was very nice. This is simple but has all the things I like in a soup: lentils, a hardy green, tomatoes, garlic, onion. I made my own quick marinara and used Red peppers for the extra veg. It's holding up really well during the week. This is a quiet, understated star.