1. Morning light in a white, windowed, industrial photo studio. A headshot photographer who made me feel like I could be a Sundance channel starlet (her words).
  2. The crisp air and cobbled streets and sunshine.
  3. A rose water waffle with fresh berries, bottomless coffee, and Anna Karenina at the bar of Jack's Wife Freda. Charming aesthetics and close quarters and floral flavors and shopping bags and Tolstoy.
  4. The multicolored yarns of Purl Soho.
  5. Book shopping in Soho next to Cynthia Nixon. Rubbing elbows with a woman whose work changed my life.
  6. A willingness to stand outside in the cold.
  7. A feeling of impermanence and lack of consequence. That the city was this little music box snow globe paradise of prettiness and history and hope that I dropped into and could hop right back out of.