1. devising/writing/co-creating theatre under the direction of the *boyfriend* (what?!) about art and Bob Ross - obv means I made my role a comment on the feminine role of the muse and the use of the female image as raw material
  2. over[it]alls
  3. proof that hand talking is hereditary
  4. when actors take a pic with the real person they played - only I played a paint color
  5. just the best woman in the world aka mom
  6. intruder alert
  7. I only want to eat things sautéed in Andrew Weil's umami sauce
  8. springy
  9. subverting gender constructs, one discount candle at a time
  10. when a guest teacher decides to approach the lack of gender parity in Broadway playwrights but is so grossly misogynistic, deaf to discussion/criticism, fragilely masculine that their questions/analysis is obscenely reductive and offensive, they won't let you finish a sentence without interrupting, and hours later they stop you in the hall to public ally reprimand/berate you for speaking up so you go home and surround urself with plays written by women and selfie about it
  11. SUN
  12. I get so much pleasure from historically feminine tasks! Who knew I loved baking?
  13. Vegan lemon blackberry chia loaf. Should be muffins but I only have a tiny convection oven and no muffin tin so I improvised. A bit of a disaster but still made it out alive.
  14. *acts so hard* auditions for dream roles at dream theatre
  15. This happened in April not May