1. Static
    Typical grocery haul
  2. Static
    Snow day selfie (Have yet to insta this but still might)
  3. Static
    Been bare legged so many times in this Boston february
  4. Static
  5. Static
    There's a boy in my bed most days now. Huh?
  6. Static
    Brown butter white chocolate cinnamon blondies Bc apparently I bake now (for the boy honestly but like I'm not mad)
  7. Static
    Valentine's Day self love
  8. Static
    Perfect color combo
  9. Static
    St Joan giving me so many feels and ideas and changing my life
  10. Static
    Thought I looked like a painting in the Saks dressing room
  11. Static
    When homework is actually good
  12. Static
    Hung a shoe bag on my wall, bought more flowers
  13. Static
    Saw my queen do adapted Chekhov and it still doesn't feel real
  14. Static
    What's inspiring me on my nightstand (also hey @zoe I think you're brilliant and want to be your friend)
  15. Static
    Finally baking not burning cookies in my tiny convection/toaster oven. White chocolate snickerdoodles from scratch.