1. Static
    I eat these power green dumplings from Whole Foods at least once a.... day.....
  2. Static
    (Current wallpaper/lockscreen) The Girl Who Had Everything - Cecily Brown 1998
  3. Static
    narcissism party of one
  4. Static
    flares and fruit
  5. Static
    solidarity #daywithoutawoman
  6. Static
    what is this? idk yet
  7. Static
    pinkness and paint
  8. Static
  9. Static
    pinkness and paint 2.0
  10. Static
    clean spring break mornings// the calm before the storm
  11. Static
    holy Jen Silverman holy theatricality holy shit
  12. Static
    happiest alone in a hotel bed with a face mask, hbo, and cookies
  13. Static
    senior showcase ✔️
  14. Static
    aforementioned showcase
  15. Static
    best boy best brunch
  16. Static
  17. Static
    back in Boston
  18. Static
    female gazing (@ MoMA)
  19. Static
    still confused about how I'm a person taking these photos but I am and it's good
  20. Static
    *does a happy dance bc free salad*
  21. Static
  22. Static
    making visual art now, surprise!
  23. Static
    #PinkOut for Planned Parenthood (confronting fear of judgment through self-objectification)