1. art projects instead of powerpoints
  2. Still reading this beautiful book
  3. vegan bulletproof coffee (aka coffee blended with coconut oil and spices) changing the game
  4. last day of undergrad - taken before I had an anxiety attack and cried for 3 hours for no reason before seeing my friend in a play
  5. Womanly skills include (vegan) baking (in a countertop convection oven) and (feminist) needlework
  6. Graduation festivities begin with aperol
  7. Graduated
  8. being an only child is my favourite, look at these 3 adults who tolerate each other
  9. sunshine and berries and books
  10. completed tasks
  11. unintentionally matched/ this dress is an actual dream bless DVF
  12. thanks mom for the new bible
  13. my favourite studio at school
  14. made baked green "falafel" - almost broke my nutribullet
  15. shameless
  16. Post yoga strolls
  17. I've been baking everything in my convection over on the "broil" setting and getting annoyed that it was always uneven. I'm just an idiot. (Genius oat+tahini+maple syrup+spices (cinnamon ginger cardamom turmeric)+dark chocolate cookies. Those are the only ingredients. They take like 15 min total)
  18. Vintage dress impulse buys
  19. first farmers market tomatoes
  20. projects