I've seen this going around and this is probably my number one issue so...
  1. First: I respect that people have a lot of strong, different opinions on this issue.
    It's touchy and tricky and sometimes religious and sometimes personal and I get it. Just as I have a huge gut feeling that makes me pro-choice, some may have the opposite and some may be in the middle. Ok.
  2. However: the pro-life movement does not respect an opinion other than theirs.
  3. I could write for days on all the reasons I think abortion should be not only legal but free and easily accessible.
    It is a collection of cells not a child. Many women do not have access to birth control. No birth control method is 100% affective. Rape. A wanted child is a happy child. The health and wellbeing of the mother. Etc.
  4. But I'm not saying that EVERYONE who has an unwanted pregnancy should have an abortion.
    This is not Oprah and abortions aren't cars.
  5. I'm just saying it should be a legal, affordable and accessible option.
  6. That's all the pro-choice movement is.
  7. It's about all women having the choice to do what they think is best for themselves/their possible future child.
    Which could be to not have an abortion for all the pro-life reasons.
  8. The pro-choice movement leaves space for those who are pro-life to exercise their own beliefs.
  9. The pro-life movement only has room for one belief. Their own.
  10. Which is a narrow one.
  11. And one that does not account for each individual's experience or circumstance.
  12. And, because of this, one that can end more lives than it "saves"
    (I know I know, but I'm making a point)
  13. So while I as a pro-choice person wholeheartedly accept someone who chooses not to have an abortion for personal or faith based reasons.
  14. A pro-life person would not only not respect me if I chose to have an abortion for personal, financial, or even health related reasons.
  15. They would, in their perfect world, make my choice illegal and eliminate my voice entirely, forcing their opinion on me.
  16. So, it's more than an issue of when a collection of cells becomes a life or the stigmatization sexual activity or even the place of legislation in health care.
    (Even though it is those things and I could talk for days about them)
  17. It's more than supposed selling of fetal tissue.
  18. It's a an issue of respect.
  19. Respect of an opinion other than yours, respect of a lifestyle other than yours, respect of an experience other than yours.
  20. Respect that is offered from one side.
  21. And not returned by the other.