Inspired by all!
  1. because one of my pet rats died the day of my 5th grade talent show and I dedicated my ballet performance to his memory
  2. because I had such severe anxiety in 3rd grade that my mom had to come to school and eat lunch with me and my friends every day
  3. because my first boyfriend (in grade 7) was a boarding school sexual assault victim who got sent back home to Alberta and sent me love letters and Across the Universe clips
  4. because I'm an only child who grew up on books and Turner Classic Movies so I romanticize reality for my own entertainment/to feel less alone
  5. because when I entered public school in first grade I tried to check out a biography of Helen Keller from the library and the librarian wouldn't let me, so my mom marched me back to school and I proved I could read it by reading the first 10 pages out loud with no mistakes
  6. because I decided to become a vegetarian at age 3 when I found out where bacon came from and I've stuck to it ever since
  7. because I lived in a different country from my dad for the entirety of puberty/adolescence
  8. because the only man I've loved/the man Iost my virginity to at 17 was 14 years my senior and had been my director since I was 13
  9. because older men have always called me "trouble"
  10. because I've never seen High School Musical