Out of the people using the Internet, about 99.99% of them use Emojis- small emoticons that can be used for texting, social media, etc. Recent Emojis can say a lot about your personality, who you text, and what you talk about. So let's see what we can find out about me based on my recent emojis.
  1. 😂
    I'm pretty sure that this one has been in everyone's recent Emojis at one point. I usually use this one when my best friends tag me in videos/pictures on social media that I may find funny. I love to laugh, and there have been several times where I've laughed myself to tears. I think that this Emoji describes that characteristic about me.
  2. 🙄
    This Emoji is another one that I use a lot. It pictures a face that I really do make in real life, mostly to close friends and family. I have a slight problem with getting annoyed at people too easily (cough, my sisters, cough.)
  3. 😘
    I use the kissing-face Emoji ALL THE TIME when I text my family. I mean, all the time. Can you think of a better way to express your love to family and/or best friends? Because I can't.
  4. ❤️
    Remember a few seconds ago when I said that I couldn't find a better way to express love than the kissing-face Emojj? Yeah, well, I lied. Follow everything I said about the Emoji above, but just intensify it a few levels.
  5. 😄
    Who doesn't love this Emoji? Not only is the face totally cute, but it also perfectly describes when I'm feeling happy; which according to my recent Emoji page, is pretty frequent.
  6. 😍
    This is one that I use mostly on social media. Here's a tip: if you think a girl's selfie is pretty/cute, then PLEASE TELL HER. I CAN GUARANTEE IT WILL MAKE HER DAY. And if you plan on doing that, this Emoji will be a nice touch. I think this Emoji says that I'm not afraid to give out compliments, and I really like that about myself.
  7. 🐬
    I use this Emoji solely for this reason: it's adorable. Enough said.