I only left out the searches for answers to my ethics homework questions (you're welcome).
  1. How many calories do you burn giving birth?
    Think about it though. Also, what I found on this subject was inconclusive.
  2. Do they actually have concerts in the colosseum?
    While watching the Lizzie McGuire movie of course
  3. Why is Miranda not in the Lizzie McGuire movie?
  4. The tentagon parks and rec
    From the Galentine's Day episode of parks and rec. I think all of the tent company names they came up with are hilarious.
  5. Berlin curry 36
    The poppin currywurst place I went to in Berlin this summer.
  6. Kim davis
    One of my roommates had never heard of her so I obviously needed to pull up a picture.
  7. Veggie tales "love my lips" lyrics
    The 'Silly songs with Larry' classic