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  1. Every flavor of kombucha
  2. The most expensive protein powder
  3. Gluten free everything, just because I can
  4. Thai coconuts
  5. Every kind of nut butter, both unsalted and salted
  6. That WF mac and cheese
  7. Trail mix
  8. All the organic vegetables and fruit imaginable
  9. Vinyls
  10. Bamboo toothbrushes
  11. The actual cold brew coffee tap
  12. All the low carb organic vegan dessert things
  13. Maui brewing co.
  14. Fancy cheeses
  15. Organic free range brown eggs
  16. Organic free range chicken and turkey
  17. Extra extra extra extra virgin olive oil
  18. So many avocados and bananas
  19. Unnecessarily expensive juice
  20. Pregnancy cookies (it's a thing)
  21. Harmless harvest coconut water with cold brew coffee
  22. Almond milk for days