I don't think anyone uses this app anymore 🙃
  1. I turned 21🎉🎉🎉🎉🍾
  2. Two younger guys hit on my mom at a bar
    And I thought they were coming over to talk to me HAHA
  3. I had my closing performances for my school musical
  4. I auditioned for another musical
    I thought I did horribly
  5. I got a callback for that musical
  6. I attended to callbacks
    Did surprisingly well
  7. I got cast in the show
    Though not the part that I thought I would get, unfortunately
  8. I was recast without a warning
    Because I had a conflict — a screenwriting night class that I need to take to graduate
  9. I bought alcohol with my real, legal ID
  10. I ate delicious Mexican food with my best friends
  11. I cried a bit
    Sometimes you just gotta do it
  12. I was taught yet another lesson in dealing with tough situations humbly and graciously