Sorry, mom and dad
  1. Re-using "orange ya glad I didn't say banana" joke way too many times
    I learned one knock knock joke and stuck to it
  2. Begging my parents to buy sugary cereal
  3. Slamming my bedroom door
    And then throwing myself into my bed and blasting Hilary duff on my boom box
  4. Making my mom drive on school field trips
  5. Watching grating Nickelodeon cartoons like Jimmy Neutron and Fairly Odd Parents
  6. Quoting Dory from finding nemo
    "Sea monkey stole my money" "yes, I'm a natural blue" "your son Chico?" -I still do this, but I know how to read the room now-
  7. Refusing to eat the meals my mom cooked
    Cooking is such a pain and I cannot imagine doing it for 5 people
  8. Pulling the "Dad...Daaad..DAAAAD" routine when I was already in bed
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    Usually just for a glass of water