A jumble of thoughts and feelings about my often insatiable curiosity. I wanted to share this and possibly field some thoughts and/or advice from other writers because I know there are a lot of y'all on here.
  1. Sometimes it seems like a curse
    I have so many damn questions all the time, and so many of them cannot be answered
  2. I find myself drawn to people's computer screens, personal phone calls and conversations
    I don't have bad intentions, but I suppose I am violating their privacy.
  3. I constantly want to use people's personal stories or circumstances
    Of course I change names and specific details, but these people could possibly one day watch a very personal story about them; I could be exploiting these people and their lives
  4. Curiosity makes my life, and the way I look at it more interesting, makes me more aware of the world and the people around me
  5. I feel like I'm going to lose my more sensitive friends when I use characteristics and words that I clearly got from them
  6. Is anyone making a movie about what (probably/might have) happened to the Malaysia airlines plane?
    Because if not, I'd love to throw my hat into the ring. I have a lot of thoughts about this