God I really want to know what's going on
  1. Google the girl who plays Rachael McAdams's sister
    she's so hot and I always forget who she is
  2. have a snack
    all this noir makes me hungry. wait should I pause it
  3. watch Vines
    oh man that baby goat just ate shit!!! hahahahah I should totally open vine more often this is great
  4. reorganize my camera roll
    so many photos of nothing on here. who am I, my mom?
  5. oh shit I just got a CNN update
    Legionnaires outbreak in New York??! Omg fuck!!! I should call my sister. but first, webMD warning signs
  6. search for other things to watch
    I'll rewatch it later. with captions. Woah there are so many new dateline episodes!! or do I wanna watch the chopped teen tournament
  7. add up the hours it would take to rewatch this season, from the beginning
    wow that is a commitment. have I really spent that much time pretending to watch this show